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The Most Expensive Watch On Earth And Why It Is So Expensive

Graff Diamond Hallucination Watch worth $55Million.Made by London-based Graff Diamonds took “several thousand hours of work” and 110 carats to create, reports  “A sculptural masterpiece,” the platinum quartz watch is encrusted in yellow, pink, blue, gray, and orange diamonds in different cuts.The Graff Hallucination was first presented at Baselworld, where the public has the chance of seeing it for the first time. Little did they realise that The Hallucination was the most expensive item ever displayed at the Baselworld exhibition. It is rumoured that Mr Graff spent several years amassing the stones that were eventually used for the watch. Each stone was chosen individually. He described the Hallucination as ‘a sculptural masterpiece and celebration of coloured diamonds. He further commented, “For many years now, I have thought about creating a remarkable watch that illustrates our all-consuming passion for diamonds,” he says.

“The Hallucination watch has made my dream a reality.”The Graff Luxury house showed the world the unique, ladies’ jewellery watch in the world. The dial and face are entirely encrusted with bright and fancy diamonds. The diamonds are of the very highest quality and come in the following colours, red, pink, violet, yellow, cognac, blue, and green olive. Graff must have realised how incredible the watch would be, thus the name Hallucination, yet is it a beautiful reality! The lucky woman who wears this immaculate timepiece would most certainly be treated like royalty!

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