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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

The word "Capsule Wardrobe," means a closet you build with only essential items. The logic guiding a capsule wardrobe is to help individuals who struggle with choosing the proper cloth. Building a capsule wardrobe involves selecting a set of clothes that you can mix and match to create many outfits. 

A typical capsule wardrobe should last you for three months, after which you will update your wardrobe for the next set. Knowing what you want to wear for three months reduces your shopping trips and saves money. You may shop for a replacement at another time. If this seems like a tremendous amount of work, don't worry. We have a guide for you to follow. Learn more in this article.

Empty your wardrobe 

To begin with, you should remove or pour all of your clothes from your closet.

Choose a base color

If it's your first time creating a capsule wardrobe, you may choose navy or black as your base color. These two colors tend to go with all outfits. If you don't like them, choose brown.

Choose neutral color essentials 

These are bottoms and tops with neutral colors, including white, black, beige, and grey. Your essential clothes include a shirt, T-shirt, sweater, black shirt, black skirt, beige chino, denim jeans, black pants, etc.

Choose accent colors 

Here is where you choose your favorite colors, which can be pink, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and so on. Ensure your accent colors match the base color.

Add a few patterned items

The patterned items may include skirt, dress, blouse, and trousers. The patterns may include polka dots, floral, navy stripe, or black stripes. Any designs you choose should match your accent colors.

Add jackets/cloths

Add all jackets, including blazers, denim jackets, bomber jackets, etc.

Choose accessories and shoes

Add a few shoes in neutral colors, base colors, sneakers, flip flops, and heels. The number of shoes you add depends on your collections. Now, add about two bags in neutral, base color, and any other. You can add a statement necklace and earrings and a couple of scarves.

There you have it! Your capsule wardrobe is complete.

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