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Why blue Jean is more popular than other coloured Jeans.

Over the years ,the clothing industry has evolved from the old-fashioned hides,skin,fur and wool coverings to a more complicated well designed coverings.

Clothes are made to suit different climate, ethnic groups, religious beliefs etc.Among the type of clothing desired by people in recent times is the Jeans wear,Jeans wear made its first appearance in the fashion scene in 1873.

Jeans was used by cowboys and miners,in fact it was most worn by male workers who needed sturdy clothing, that could withstand wear and tear.

So how did jeans later gain prominence?

In the late 50's Jeans started it's rise to fame.Jeans was first promoted by the most famous actor of that period,James Dean.Marlon Brando also promoted jeans in their movies.

Why is blue jeans more popular?

In 1976 Calvin Klein became the first designer who showed blue jeans on the runway, as a result of this blue jean became more famous among its contemporaries. Today blue Jean has become very versatile,widely accepted and the most popular.

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James Dean.Marlon Brando Jean Jeans


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