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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Orange Everyday

Every fruit have it's season, and most of them are normally cheap during their season. Have you wondered why these fruits and vegetables come out during their seasons.

Nature provided everything for our good and comfort. This is season for oranges. We should take advantage of this natural provision. Check out the benefits of eating oranges everyday and the best way to take them.

1. Very rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to boost your immune system. The immune system helps to protect the body against diseases.

2. It is a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidants are substances gotten from food which helps the body to fight off free radicals. Free radicals are produced during metabolism and they are responsible for causing diseases and aging.

3. Vitamin C helps the body to produce collagen.

Collagen is the substance that helps to strengthen the skin and delay aging. The body uses vitamin c to produce collagen.

4. Oranges contains beta carotene.

Beta carotene is the yellow colouring pigment in fruits that can be converted into vitamin A in the body. They help to protect the skin and eyes from degeneration.

5. A good source of potassium.

Oranges are good sources of potassium. This mineral helps in controlling electrolyte level in the body. It helps the kidneys to remove excess fluid from the body.

6. Makes it easier for your body to absorb iron.

Iron is a mineral that helps in the production of red blood cells. Vitamin C makes easier for your body to absorb iron thereby preventing the possibility of getting anaemia.

Best way to enjoy oranges.

Oranges may be enjoyed by sucking the fruit or by eating them. Eating oranges involves making use of both the fluid and the fiber which is healthier.

It is better to eat oranges than sucking it. Eating enables you to enjoy the fiber . Food fiber helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Wash your oranges properly if you want to eat them to prevent getting traces of the pesticides which was used on the tree. Remember it is the inside fiber that is eaten. The outside cover is still edible but it is bitter.

Conclusion: Take advantage of the season and enhance the amount of vitamin c in your body by taking enough oranges.

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