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Fashion Trend: Diverse Ways To Style A Turtleneck Top

Turtle necks are versatile clothing items that can be styled in many ways. Here are some of them listed in the next few paragraphs below. 

1. Blazer/suit

Amazingly Looking African American Man Wear At Blue Blazer With Brooch, Black  <a class=Turtleneck And Glasses Posed At Street. Fashionable Black Guy. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 112455013."/>

A turtleneck top can make a great business outfit with a nice blazer thrown over it. The weather is a major factor to consider when trying out this look so watch out for that. If you are pairing a blazer with a turtleneck in warm weather, a less thick one should be your choice. The colour you also choose can determine how it looks altogether so ensure your turtle neck matches your blazer well in terms of colour. 

2. Overcoat

Master the Turtleneck With Suit Look

The distinct look of an overcoat can be highlighted with a turtleneck top worn under it. The combination of these two stylish items will give you a trendy look and boost your feeling of confidence throughout the day. 

3. Cardigan

Men&#39;s High Neck Sweaters New Collection 2021 | Benetton

Turtlenecks do come in cardigans or can be worn with one during cold weather with a pair of jean trousers. A nice carefully selected pair of formal sneakers can make the outfit put together and fit for work. 

4. Denim jacket

Denim jacket, navy turtleneck &amp; grey trousers | Moda masculina, Moda  masculina dicas, Moda informal masculina

Lovers of the street style of outfit will find this interesting as the turtleneck top blends in well with any kind of jean to give it both a casual and semi-formal look if paired with the right pair of trouser and foot wares. A pair of dark shades can be used to formalize the outfit.

5. Buttoned shirt

You can accentuate your turtleneck top with a button-down (vintage). To get the best look, ensure your turtle neck is a different and dark colour if your vintage shirt is colourful or vice versa. It all depends on your preference, skin tone and the other accessory you're pairing with it.

6. Bomber jacket

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A bomber jacket can be a great way to add a more casual twist to your looking turtleneck top. It also has a way of adding a bigger look to your body if you have a smaller body. Pairing up straight trousers and Chelsea boots with this look will add balance and an elegant feel to the outfit. 

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