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10+ Toilet Seat Designs That Will Make You Say “Nah I'm Good” (Photos)

We only spend a few minutes in the bathroom every day, up to half an hour at the most, but the time we spend there can be influenced by the little things that surround us, those things that we don't realize we need until something disturbs us.

For example, the toilet seat is very useful, but don't pay much attention unless it's broken or worn, and don't worry.

And then you are looking for a comfortable and soft place. So why not look these weird seats that are also fun, so you can smile when you see it?

However, in a situation where you found yourself in an unfamiliar environment and you want to use the toilet and been taken to one of these toilets, without any doubt, your answer will be “Nah I'm fine”.

And if you have a small child who is learning to use the "big" bathroom, I can assure you that these things will suddenly become very important because you can convince them much faster if they find a toilet seat fun for them.

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