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See How Ladies Have Turned "Hijab" Into Fashion.

 See How "Hijab" Has Been Turn Into Fashion.

One of the common ways of identifying a Muslim, Woman a Muslim lady is through " hijab". Muslim women, wearing a veil or head covering acts as a show of obedience and as well as being a symbol of modesty. But we can not conclude that a woman is obedient or modest by just wearing a "hijab" what if she wears a " hijab" all the time but doesn't pray or she wears a "hijab all the time and not fast during the fasting period? Some Muslim women don't wear " hijab" all the time but the pray regularly and some don't wear "hijab" all the time but they fast during the fasting period.

The "hijab" is a covering for Muslim ladies that is accepted by the Islamic religion all over the world. A woman is supposed to wear it for covering but some ladies have to turn it into fashion 

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