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3 Signs That You Need to Change Your Underwear

Many of us have a favorite pair of underwear that we like to wear on a regular basis.Not really because you love it so much, but because of the maximum comfort it offers. If you have the habit of wearing a particular underwear regularly, it might be a little bit difficult to do away with such underwear, especially when they start showing you the signs that they are already worn out and need replacement.


Here are some ways to know that your underwear needs replacement:

1. They no longer fit as they used to fit you when you got them new.

If your underwear no longer fit as they used to, then it’s time to discard them and get new ones. It’s either they are now oversized because the elastic used in holding the waist has become too loose or they are now too tight because you’ve added a lot of weight.

Don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress trying to manage them. Just try to buy some new underwear instead, just for the sake of your comfort and happiness. I am sure you wouldn’t want to be seen trying to drag up your underwear when it starts pulling from your waist, would you? Or would you like to sustain some injuries just because the underwear is too tight?

2. When it gets torn;

Whenever you put on your underwear and you feel air touching the part of your body which is supposed to be covered by the underwear, it shows that there is a tear in it and it's time to change it. You might wear a very light or transparent dress, unknowing that people can see your torn underwear, and that would be so embarrassing.

If there are little holes in your underwear, you need to go to a boutique immediately. This sign is usually very obvious and you will know as soon as your underwear gets torn. 

3. Change in color:

If your underwear now have a color that’s totally different from the color they had when you bought them, that’s a sign that you need to change them as soon as possible. 

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