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If you love Sneakers, you need to see these super cool sneakers designs and get one for yourself

A very wonderful day to you all, welcome to my lovely page where we bring unique and outstanding fashion news to your doorstep. We appreciate your presence, thanks for being here. Today I'll be showing you lovely Snickers designs that you will definitely love, but before that let's say one or two things about Snickers.

Boys in the eighteenth (18th) century, late eighteenth century called tennis shoes "Sneakers" because of how they are noiseless when you use them to walk. The sole of sneakers shoes are made flat and smooth, so they cause little or no noise or rather make little or no sound when you use them to walk unlike other shoes. The soles are made from rubber and they were first called plimsolls before the name sneakers was invented.

Funny enough, these plimsolls had no right or left leg, but companies like Nike, Addidas, and Brooks(which is the oldest company that produced sneakers) came up with various more modern, beautiful and outstanding designs which of course had right and left foot, before I forget to mention it, note that at first these plimsolls with right and left foot distinction were called Keds, then young boys named it sneakers (as previously stated).

The advantages of sneakers can't be overemphasized, am not trying to "over-hype"it. However, as a lover of sneakers shoe I must play my part honourably by speaking nothing bad but only good of these lovely shoes. But, to be honest, all who have had correct fitting sneakers would testify of it's comforting ability. It's soots and cools the legs which is the major reason I love it.

Without further talks, let me show you some supper cool Sneakers designs you will definitely love.

nice right? Get one for yourself. Thanks for reading.

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