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What a Man Loves in a Woman

So here we are. Most of those who would read this article are women of course. Eager to know the things that a man would see in a woman and go crazy about her. This is going to be a critical study, so make sure you read till the very end or you might not get it right. First, as crazy as it sounds let's get to know who a man is in this context. A man (in this context) is the adult male of the human creature. He is a beholder of beauty and virtues. There are signs and gestures used in the communication of feelings which are entirely different from that of the female, but must be understood by the latter. You see humans are just the other animals (but of a higher class). The lower animals use various gestures and behaviours to express interest in the opposite sex. If the other responds appropriately, there will be courtship and then ultimately, mating. If not, they will look for other 'suitable' fellows.

When a man looks around, he would see many women, beautiful women, but would develop a strong likeness for one. Another man would see and develop a strong likeness for another, despite that all might be beautiful and virtues. There are things that when a man sees in a woman, he can't let go. Let's see them.

1. Beauty: Beauty here is not what we always think it is. A group of women could be stunning, but only one would attract a man with beauty exclusively. The structure of everyone's face varies, and believe me the shape of a woman's face alone could attract a man. The colour of the lips is equally important. Some men love pink lips, some love red lips. Hence if a man is into red lips and you have pink lips, it won't work.

2. Colour of the eyes: You might find it difficult to believe, but the colour of a woman's eyes only could make a man 'bend the knee'. Some love blue eyes, grey eyes, or any colour. It is a personal preference.

3. Shape of the nose: We have pointed nose, broad nose and perhaps more kinds. The shape of one's nose can really be an attractive quality.

4. Colour and style of hair: A man who is into blondes and free flowing hair cannot be attracted to another beautiful woman with black short hair. Just the colour and style of hair will make him interested in you.

5. The skin colour and the type of makeup a lady applies can attract a unique man for her. That man who will always compliment and make reference to her beautiful skin. If a man is into hairy women, then that is also to be considered.

6. Body shape: Yes it is true that most men would say that they would go for women who are well endowed but a few men don't see anything wrong with women who are...well let's say plain. Their simplicity could be quite attractive.

7. Fashion: The kind of dress you put on and the jewelries you use to adorn yourself, actually goes a long way in attracting attention. Not necessarily dressing to reveal your feminity (although that is very necessary) is required. But dressing in a way that is appealing to a man can make him come after you.

8. Lifestyle and ambition: Are you the busy kind who is always in office? Are you a party freak? Do you love adventures? Just be yourself. Out there are various men just like you. There is a man out there who will love your lifestyle and whose lifestyle also fits yours. Your ambition/dream if intertwined with his could also establish and strengthen the bond.

9. Temperament: Are you hot headed? Are you as meek as a lamb? This matters a lot in attracting a suitable partner.

10. The kind of food you eat, strangely can make you attractive to someone.

Now bearing all these in mind, it is highly recommended that you just be yourself. A woman should always show off herself in occasions in order to meet 'the man'.

Do you have any suggestions to add? Comment below.

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