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5 Things You Shouldn't Do If You Have Relaxed Hair

For a long time, natural hair has been the center of all attention. How to grow it, care for it, and so forth. Let's talk about relaxed hair for a minute. 

You must know how to take care of your relaxed hair. Because relaxed hair, regardless of texture or treatment, requires the same level of attention as natural hair. 

If you want to get the most out of your relaxed hair, avoid these five things.

1. After you've relaxed your hair, don't touch it. 

This is a genuine myth. Before you use shampoo or relax your hair, don't rub your scalp. You'll have a higher chance of getting burned. When your scalp starts to itch, massage it instead. 

2. Don't let your hair relax too quickly after you've finished the previous one. 

Do you find that despite all of the new hair growth, your hair doesn't seem to be growing? It's possible you relaxed your hair too rapidly. Before touching your hair again, you should wait 12-14 days for it to grow out. Retouching your hair on a regular basis will not weaken it.

3. When it comes to relaxed hair, don't use too much heat. 

Your hair is already loosened, therefore no heat is required. Because your hair is already relaxed, the chemicals have made it less susceptible to heat. If you really must heat your hair, use gentle heat. 

4. Avoid using a heavy-duty permanent hair color. 

If your hair is already relaxed, deep hues of permanent color can soon harm it. The color should be one or two shades deeper than your actual hair color. Any darker than that can cause hair to break and put undue strain on the follicles.

5. Never try to relax your hair on your own. 

Do not attempt to alter the image yourself. Even if you're a skilled hairdresser, you can protect your hair by visiting a salon. The usage of relaxers might result in hair damage, which necessitates attention. Because you don't know what's going on, relaxers applied to your hair alone can cause lasting harm.

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