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How to Make Your Itchy Clothes Less Itchy

A good day is impossible to achieve when your clothes make you uncomfortable, and that's the effect of itchy clothes. It might be challenging to stay calm while your clothes pinch you at every opportunity they get, but you can't angrily throw them away.

There are a few strategies you can try to soften your materials. As long as you are ready to give your clothes a second chance, they will be in good shape in no time. Check the following hacks to soften your fabrics.

1. Soak your clothes with white vinegar

White vinegar is effective in cleaning and can help you reduce the itchiness in your materials. Soak Your itchy clothes in a bowl of cold water or inside a washing machine and about two teaspoons. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse with another cold water to remove the leftover vinegar scent.

2. Use hair conditioner

Hair conditioner does not soften hair alone, but also clothes. After soaking your scratchy fibers or wool garments inside a vinegar solution, gently add conditioner to the garment, ensuring it touches all parts. Let it sit for 40 minutes to one hour before rinsing. Then, let it dry.

3. Salt solution

This method works best for casual wear, such as T-shirts and button-down. Mix a spoonful of kosher salt and water in a small bowl. Then, heat another water and add the salt mixture to it. Soak your shirts in the mix for one hour before rinsing and washing them with detergent. In addition, salt can make your fabric brighter.

4. Use scouring pad

Scouring pads

If you are willing to put your strength into practice, then you can go for this method. Turn the clothes inside out, and gently brush out the scratchy areas. Try not to be harsh, so you don't spoil the material.

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