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Some Rules Men Unknowingly Break When Wearing Native Attires

Wearing any type of outfit usually has its own rules and guidelines. As a male or female fashionista, you can't just pick up a classy wear and not learn how to rock it properly.

These happens with our native attires too, for men, some rock their natives as if they are wearing and English wear, this shouldn't be so. Some things are quite different when it comes to wearing a native wear with style.

Here are some things to note:

* Ensure the trouser length is reaching just on the top of the shoe and not sweeping the ground when you walk. 

*Ensure you are not wearing your native attires with dress shoes or any other form of lace-ups shoes.

* Do not wear socks with your shoes when wearing native wears, wear half socks instead.


* Avoid wearing your native wears with Canvas shoes, sports shoes but you can wear loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, and all other shoes that are not dress shoes or lace-up shoes.

* Avoid wearing native wears with leather slippers for special occasions like a wedding, cocktail party and other formal occasion.

However, you can wear this if it’s for a casual business or when hanging with friends for a for drink or any other leisure activities, 

* Do not wear native wears with flip flops or any form of bathroom slippers.

* It is not right to wear native wears with sports wrist watches but you can rock it leather or metal wristwatches.


* Avoid wearing native wears with belts. 

*You can rock your native wears with bracelets like metal bracelets, nautical trend bracelets, beaded bracelets, leather or woven bracelets.


* Wear your native wear with nice and simple or subtle beaded or chain necklace. 

Which of these rules have you broken before?

Content created and supplied by: QuantumFashionHacks (via Opera News )

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