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Spending Too Much Time On Instagram Have These Effects On Many Young Ladies

Instagram is a social media app where a lot of things happen . It's mainly associated with flashy photos , captions and luxurious lifestyle of wealthy individuals . A lot of our ladies use this app everyday and it's causing a lot of Effects on them mentally and psychologically because of these reasons :

1. Many of young women see a lot of things that are unrealistic on Instagram e.g a fellow woman with a perfect body , awealthy boyfriend who buys gift everyday etc so they set it as a standard for their real lives and this causes problems for them in real life because they can no longer separate reality from social mediaphoto credit stock photos

2. They feel that using luxurious items like iPhones , designer outfits , handbags make them very attractive and trendy and so many of them are willing to do anything to get those itemsphoto credit stock photos

3. Many of them no longer have time to attend to chores ain their homes because they spend a lot of time on Instagram thus causing rifts in their real life activitiesphoto stock credit

4. Many of the young women who use this app have seen models that have a nice physique and they feel less appreciative of their bodies and thus many develop low self esteem to the extent of doing plastic surgeries which causes harm to them

5 many of the young ladies look up to female Instagram celebrities as role models and most times, these models don't have good attitude and this makes the ladies behave rudely in real life all because they want to feel among

6. Due to excessive display of surreal affection on Instagram , many of them become less contented with what they have and they can spiral into depression

7 .They Expect too much from men who love them because they have seen how rich guys spend lavishly on their girlfriends on Instagram not realizing that most of their boyfriends are struggling for a better tomorrow

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