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Top 5 people born with the rarest skin color in the world.

Photo: People with the rarest skin color.

Isn't nature marvelous?

In a world of more than 8 billion people with different countries in seven continents, we never get tired of discovering something new everyday.

A person's skin color defines his origin from the recessive or dominant traits of his parents. This sometimes is compromised by nature's indescribable mystery.

We can owe all this to God because no one is a master mind of creation than him. He created all races, all countries, all humans and gave them individual skin color.

It's not a mistake that you were born with the skin color you have now, it was all planned out by the creator himself.

It's not a bad thing to be different, but the difference in you is all that matters as long as you live. If you can't fight what makes you unique, then you have to use it to your advantage.

Don't waste your time fighting with bullies because of your difference or mistake, for the record, we're all different. It's only a shameful thing to regret being different.

These people whose pictures will be shown below with their individual names have their personal life experience because of their skin difference and nothing is much more motivating than the way they faced their challenge of being different.

The two most popular skin color in the world is black and white, but with time and technology in massive innovative structures which aided in the ease of exploration, different discoveries were made.

We have individuals with different skin color which can be seen listed below:

1. Black

2. White

3. Brown

4. Red and several others including blue.

Some people who have such skin color is either due to nature or illnesses / medications.

With no waste of time, let's dive into the major people who have surprised the world with their amazing skin color.

Too 5 people with unbelievable skin color

1. Winnie Harlow

My major question here is, how can a human being have mixed skin complexion?

As you can see in the picture above, she's part black and part white. Winnie Harlow was diagnosed with genetic trastorn also known as virtiligo at the age of four.

So beautiful, she has appeared on several cover pages of magazines because of her proffesion in modelling.

Photo: Winnie Harlow

Due to her diagnosis, her skin changed and gave her a beautiful mixed complexion.

Don't be confused, she's a dark skinned lady with the light chocolate melanin flowing through her body.

Photo: Winnie Harlow

2. Nastya Zhidkova

Photo: Nastya Zhidkova.

Before now, I never thought albinos would be recognized to be beautiful, but Nastya Zhidkova is known to be the most beautiful albino lady in the world.

She was given birth to in Russia in the year 1966. She grew as an albino and was raised up with the nature of difference.

When she was much more older, she got into the modelling career and is famous for that.

Photo: Nastya Zhidkova

Asides modelling, she has a profession in music of which she shares her incredible talent to the world via video channels like YouTube and several others.

Photo: Nastya Zhidkova

3. Paul Karason

Photo: Paul Karason

It won't be legitimate to laugh or mock him at first sight. Straight to the point, he died on the 23rd of September 2013.

Paul Karason tried treating a skin condition without any medical assistance by taking in collidal silver into his body and rubbing part of that on his face. The silver began to react with sunlight and this gave him the pigment he died with.

Photo: Paul Karason

He died due to a heart attack. He will forever be remembered as the only blue man the world has ever had. He was once white skinned but all these changed when he was 45 years of age. May his gentle soul rest in peace with God almighty amen.

Photo: Paul Karason

4. Connie Chiu

Photo: Connie Chiu

The Hongkong based model was born an albino which affected her skin color, eye brows, hair texture and so on.

She is one of the most sought models in the world and she also has a career in music as she stars as a jazz singer, all these she earned at the age of 24.

Photo: Connie Chiu

5. Khoudia Diop

Photo: Khoudia Diop

To be honest with myself, I doubt if there's anyone who has the darkest skin color in the whole of Africa like that of Khoudia Diop.

Popularly known as the dark skinned melanin goddess, she wasn't an exception of bullying and she gained several mocking nicknames from her peers because of her complexion.

No matter how nature treats us bad, we accept it in order to live with it, especially when we receive a positive outcome.

She is proudly a model and has been seen on cover pages in magazines and is internationally sought for. She has also been interviewed on the television screen displaying her amazing natural skin color.

Photo: Khoudia Diop.

And there you have it. The top five people in the world with the rarest skin color. There are several others who aren't mentioned, especially the man who was born with a natural grey complexion.

Don't forget that in a small world, there are large possibilities that can occur. Make sure you don't hesitate to show your difference and use it to your advantage.

I know that someone has definitely had an encounter with people who had different skin color unusual to the ones known. If you do, don't hesitate to drop it off in the comment box below and discuss on the beauty of the nature. Who knows if this could be the major turn around in their lives. If you are unique because of your difference, don't hesitate to drop yours also. Appreciate your skin difference and be proud of the creators creation.

Content created and supplied by: Dasilco (via Opera News )


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