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Edo Bride; 20 Pictures Of Beautiful Attire You Should Wear on Your Traditional Wedding day

See pictures of beautiful attire you should wear on your big day

The Edo wedding attire worn by the bride during their traditional wedding ceremony is so beautiful that They look like true African Queen in the beaded coral attire.

The ceremony is anchored by "Okaegbe", the eldest male of the bride's family.

Aside from the beautiful wrapper tied on their chest.they also wears beaded cape know as Ewu-Ivie, they also adorn their neck with coral bead know as Ivie-Uru and a waist bead and bracelet around their wrist and flawless makeup her to make her more beautiful. Edo bride has their hair made into a unique hairstyle know as Eto-okuku and the beads are sewn directly into the hair.

If you have been to Edo Traditional wedding ceremonies, you will agree with me that Edo bride is indeed a beauty to behold.

The beautiful Edo bride is always the center of attention of every eye at the wedding.

I bring to you 20 pictures of beautiful Edo traditional wedding attire:

Content created and supplied by: SandraV (via Opera News )

Edo Edo Bride Ewu-Ivie Ivie-Uru Okaegbe


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