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15 Blow-Dryer Mistakes Most Ladies Make

Is there anything easier after a shower than blow-drying and styling your hair? Although it appears to be a straightforward process, it turns out that it has its own set of tricks.

The distance between the blow-dryer and the hair, the temperature and even the airflow direction are all important factors.

This article will reveal the most common blunders often made and how to avoid them:

1. Only use hot air to blow dry your hair.

Almost all hair dryers feature a cold air flow mode, and this isn't a design flaw. To correct the outcomes of your styling, change the button to cold mode.

The evaporation of moisture will be slowed by cool air, resulting in longer-lasting curls. By the way, it's a great strategy to avoid split ends in the first place.

2. Selecting the wrong airflow direction

Blow-dry your hair along the direction of hair growth, from roots to ends. Otherwise, the scales that make up the cuticle would open up, causing frizzing and making it easier to tangle.

When you blow-dry your hair from roots to ends, the scales will link together and give your hair a natural shine.

3. Incorrectly holding the blow-dryer

Many people hold a blow dryer in their dominant hand, which appears to be rather natural. However, this is incorrect because the strength and dexterity of this hand are required for styling and distributing hair strands.

It will allow you to better regulate the process, work with the comb more efficiently, and save time overall.

4. Pulling the hair to the back of the head.

When blow-drying your hair, brushing and blowing it downward eliminates any potential for volume. Instead, raise your hand, comb the tips of your hair, and direct the warm air stream to the strands. This will help you achieve a hairstyle that is voluminous, "lively," and sleek.

5. Using a blow dryer that is too close to your head.

Not only will keeping the blow-dryer close to your head make your hair brittle, but you may also burn the skin on your head.

The distance between the blow-dryer and your head should be kept at least 12 inches. How are you going to quantify it? Simply place the dryer at arm's length from your stretched out arm.

6. The hair is not sectioned

We frequently blow-dry an entire head of hair by simply moving the blow-dryer back and forth.

If you divide the hair into 4-5 zones and secure each with duckbill clips, the operation will be faster and more successful. Make two partings: one vertical (from brow to neck) and one horizontal (from ear to ear) (from one ear to the other one).

7. Too much time spent with hair wrapped in a towel

Dry your hair for no more than 30 minutes using a towel, especially if it's made of cotton. The granules in this fabric produce friction, making hair more sensitive to drying with a blow dryer.

Choose a softer microfiber towel and wrap your hair in it for no more than 10 minutes. A key distinction: before using a blow dryer, thick and dense hair should be around half dry, whereas hair of light or medium thickness should be about 80 percent dry.

8. Ignoring the importance of thermal protection.

This advice will come in handy for individuals who use a blow dryer at least once a week, if not more frequently.

Apply thermal protection to your hair to protect it from possible damage when it comes into contact with hot air.

This type of product can be used as part of your wash process or as a leave-in conditioner after you've washed your hair. Shampoos and hair conditioners with thermoprotective characteristics fall into the first category, while sprays, creams, and oils fall into the second.

Select thermal protection that is appropriate for your hair type. If you have dry hair, stay away from alcohol-based products. Avoid oil-based products if you have oily or regular hair.

9. Not using the concentrator nozzle.

That flat nozzle element that came with your blow-dryer is what we're talking about. This item aids in directing airflow to a specific area of hair.

You'll have less tangles and split ends as a result, and your hair will be protected from overheating as well. Also, directing the flow to the roots will give your hair more volume.

10. Leaving the house too soon

Try to stay inside for a few minutes after you've finished blow-drying your hair. A rapid change in temperature will have an adverse effect on not just the volume of your hair, but also the skin on your head.

11. Use a diffuser to begin blow-drying.

Because damp hair is more brittle and the risks of traumatizing it at a faster blow-drying speed are increased, this doubles the odds of obtaining split ends and frizzy hair. Begin by using a standard nozzle at a modest speed and an average temperature. You can then switch to the diffuser once some time has passed.

12. Failure to pay attention to the nozzles

Metal, ceramic, and plastic are all common materials for blow-dryer nozzles.

The first group aids in more precise styling, but metal heats up more quickly and becomes an additional component that might harm hair. As a result, save the metal nozzle for exceptional occasions and use a plastic or ceramic nozzle for daily blow-drying. Furthermore, they are excellent at removing any hair tangle and evenly heating it.

13. Failure to clean the hair dryer.

Have you ever cleaned the net on your blow dryer? It's past time you performed this because dirt not only harms the gadget, but it can also hurt your hair.

Dirt, dust, sticky hair products, particulates and other debris accumulate in the vents. All of these things reduce airflow, which causes the temperature inside the dryer to rise. It may catch fire or simply fail at some point.

It is critical to clean the blow dryer on a regular basis. Clean it once a month if you use it once a week. Clean it every two weeks if you use it more frequently.

14. Drying hair at the highest temperature possible.

One of the most common blunders is over drying your hair, which causes it to become brittle.

The maximum temperature will speed up the process slightly, so use it only in extreme circumstances — for example, if you have difficult-to-straighten curls or want to execute a complicated style. In all other circumstances, choose an average temperature.

15. Using a blow dryer in a single position.

Although this error appears to be self-evident, some people dry their hair by holding the drier in one position. The device should be constantly moving around the head, changing angles and rotating. It will assist you in getting clean, dry hair or a gorgeous style much more quickly.

What other blow-drying life hacks do you employ? We'd love to hear from you in the comment section and also share this piece with any lady.

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