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11 Times Riele Downs Has Proven That She Is A Fashion Icon

Riele Downs aka Charlotte has constantly been redefining fashion with her dresses on the red carpet. Her fashion concept involves her taking fashion to the extreme with dark colors and every time she does this, she always manages to look stunning.

The funny thing is, her normal everyday wear showcases her as a sweet lovely teenage girl but when it's time to walk the red carpet, she goes from a sweet girl to the girl you don't want to mess with.

Her dresses are always iconic and every time she walks in them, she leaves her fans gasping.

Here are 11 times Riele downs walked the red carpet and the only word that could be used to describe her sense of fashion is iconic!

Take a look her red carpet looks

1. Just take a look at how she gives off the bad girl vibes. Her fashion is crazy.2. The way she made this dress compliment her skin is amazing.

3. Iconic is the only word that can be used here4. 5.6.

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