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Ways to eliminate body odor

Body odor is when a body gives off a scent

others may find unpleasant.

Body odor usually becomes irritating if

measures are not taken when a human

reaches puberty.

People who are obese are likely to have body odor.

Body odor is the result of bacteria breaking

down protein into certain acids. People who

Sweat too much may have body odor.

However the salt level of sweat is too high for

the bacteria to break down. The breaking

down of sweat into acids causes body odor.

Body odor can be used to identify a person.

Body odor may occur at the following part

of the body:





Behind the ear.

Ways to prevent body odor:

Keep the armpits clean by shaving the hair

Use deodorant daily

Wash your feet with warm water .

Wear clean socks.

When at home walk around with bare feet

Bath daily with warm water at least twice daily.

Natural treatment for body odor:

Mix equal amount of baking soda and lemon

juice and apply it to the affected part for a few

minutes, then wash it off.


Use alum to wash the affected part that has

odor and rinse with a clean water.

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