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Reasons Why Black Is Always A Good Option

1. The Status.

When wearing all black, you look cool, edgy and chic. Even if you are none of these, at least you will look the part!

2. The Body.

Wearing this color is slimming and fashionably hides what your colorful printed blouse would accentuate. It's the only diet that doesn't make you want to die.

3. The Convenience.

The last thing you want to think about in the wee hours of the morning before work is whether or not your gray slacks go with your navy blouse. Even when your blacks don't match, they work together. Always.

4. The Unstylish.

For those of you who just aren't that trendy, a monochromatic wardrobe is perfect for you. Afterall, it's really hard for an all black outfit to be ugly. I actually think it's impossible.

Most guys don't want to spend a ton of time picking out an outfit, ever!

5. The Unapproachableness.

Wearing all black with messy hair and sunglasses that cover most of your face makes you look sort of mean and unapproachable. So on those days where you are hating people, I suggest you rock the above.

6. The Sexiness.

Have you ever noticed how Angelina Jolie usually rocks all black. Ok, she could wear a paper bag and still look just as hot. However, having a dark wardrobe is sexy and an instant boost in confidence.

7. The Versatility.

All black outfits easily translate from day to night. So if you get asked on a last minute date, or if your quick mall trip with your friends ends with a stop at the bar, your black will have your back.

8. The Trend.

Black will never go out of style. Any garment you buy that is this color, you will be able to wear for years and get your money out of the purchase. Also, when looking back on old photos, you won't ever regret a black outfit.

9. The Skin.

When it comes to wearing this color, the shade of your skin does not matter. It looks great on everyone. This color really loves everyone, no matter what ethnicity or race they always look good.

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