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How To Combine Damask Outfits With Head Wraps

Buying good clothes is necessary, but knowing how to pair them with other accessories is more important.

The value of an outfit might be reduced just because it was wrongly paired with a shoe, hand bag or even jewelry. 

You'll learn the proper ways to pair your damask outfits with gele head wraps. 

For the sake of those who may not really know what a head wrap is, we will display them in this article.

1. The first way is to wear a damask outfit that has so many designs with a plain head wrap. This type of combination will put people's attention on your clothes because the head wrap won't be too noticeable as a result of its lack of designs.


2. Damask outfits and turbans: This method is very popular among young ladies. Matured women are also free to wear them. Turbans usually have a soft texture and they are very easy to find in the fashion market, although they can be easily made at home.


3. Finally, you can wear your damask outfit with an Ankara head wrap. This is the most acceptable method amongst women. This is because Ankara fabrics are very common, cheap, and last longer than textiles.


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