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5 Unusual Beauty Standards In Different Asian Countries

Continents all around the world have beauty standards. For some, it's the nature of a woman's facial appearance, for others it's the way she dresses or the kind of hairstyle she makes.

In Asia, certain fashion trends exist among women, these trends are regarded as beauty standards although they might seem weird to others.

Below are 5 Unusual beauty standards in different Asian Countries.

1. Neck elongation.

Neck elongation is considered to be a thing of beauty among the Kayan women of Thailand. They usually wear brass rings around their necks, they increase the number of rings as they get older, this is why older women have longer necks than younger girls.

Image credit: BrightSide.

2. Heart-shaped face.

In South Korea, having a heart-shaped face is deemed to be a mark of beauty, this is why there are a lot of cosmetic procedures practiced in the country by women who want to transform the shape of their faces. Also, they are known for using makeup and prosthetics to achieve this look.

Image credit: Allkpopdrama.

3. Crooked teeth.

In Japan, women who have crooked teeth are considered to be beautiful. This might seem strange to many because a lot of people are craving a good dentition, some people use braces and others fill their teeth so that they can appear straight and well arranged.

Image credit: Fanpop

4. Unibrow.

The women of Tajikistan believe that maintaining a natural brow is a mark of beauty. Women who don't have thicker brows usually apply a herb known as usma so that their brows can grow, sometimes, they use makeup to create a unibrow.

Image credit: BrightSide.

5. Nose Bandage.

Most women who undergo plastic surgery usually do so silently, but for the women of Iran, a certain procedure known as rhinoplasty is considered to be a mark of beauty. Rhinoplasty is popularly known as a nose job, women in Iran love to move around publicly with their nose bandages after they have undergone plastic surgery.

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