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Skin Care

6 Dos And Don'ts For A Healthy Skin

Are you wondering what could possibly be the routine for a healthy skin? Skin is the body’s largest organ. The skin has many functions. It regulates the body temperature, maintains fluid balance and also controls moisture loss.

External influencers such as exposure to sunlight without protection can damage the skin. Unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, dehydration, and stress can also have a great impact on your skin.

Your health can reflect on your skin, that’s why it’s important to practice healthy skin routine.

There are few dos and don’ts to maintain a healthy skin;

1. WEAR sunscreen daily: Too much exposure to UV radiation is can be detrimental to your skin. Always go out protected.

2. Don’t forget to moisturize daily: There are a lot of benefits for moisturizing the skin daily. It helps reduces skin problem.

3. Give your body the pampering it deserves: Skin care shouldn’t be limited to the face only. 

4. Don’t over-exfoliate: Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells and too much of it can cause redness. It can be done 2-3 times daily.

5. Load up on Antioxidants: These are natural vitamins and minerals that help protect the skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

6. Don’t neglect your neck: it is the first to show the sign of aging.

Your skin reveals a lot about you. Maintain healthy by following these simple steps.

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