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Here are some amazing benefits of tomatoes to the body.

Tomatoes be very essential to our body something I can confidently say is a beauty product and a healthy fruit to be consume, tomatoes is very good due to its astringent properties and vitamin C.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C which is a natural brightening agent, when you use tomatoes to rub your face on a daily basis your face will naturally start glowing and free from pimple and rashes.

Consuming and using fresh Tomatoes on your skin is a very good way to a prevent skin from cancer, tomatoes also help in removing dead skin, and therefore, leaving your skin looking all fresh and young as it also contains anti ageing properties.

Here are other benefits.

* Tomatoes may help in healing of wound very fast.

* It may also help fight cellular damage.

* It may also help reduce risk of sunburns, either from direct sun, cream or soap reaction.

 Just one single tomatoes contains at least 40% of vitamin C that our body truly needs and even more, it is very good for eyesight as it gives clear vision. Consuming of tomatoes is therefore, very important to our every day life.

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