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Creativity At Its Peak: See 10 Creative Things You Can Make With Your Old And Faded JEANS.

As we all know, a Jean shirt or trousers is one of the most difficult cloth to maintain as there are some washing guidelines you have to follow to keep them shiny. However, this article contains a compilation of ten genious and creative things you make with our old and Faded jeans. Read And Learn.

1. You can make a bag.

Because your Jeans got torn or perhaps Faded isn't enough reason to dispose them. Did you know that a portable bag for make up or fruits can be made using jeans?

2. They can be used to create stationary keeper.

Stationaries like pencil, biros, rulers or even erasers can be kept in this keeper.

3. A multipurpose basket.

You can make a multipurpose basket using your old and faded jeans. This basket can be placed in your dining table.

4. You make an organizer for kids, and even yourself.

This creative masterpiece is very useful for keeping keys, toys for kids, infact, you could keep money there.

5. You can create a fruit basket.

Apart from the fact that this invention is durable, fruit baskets made from denim are very stylish. As shown above, they can hold a lot of fruits at once.

6. Did you know you can sharpen a blunt razor with an old Jean?

All you need to do is put an empty tissue paper roll inside the old jeans. Then, move your razor along the old jeans with quick strokes. Please note that this should be done for at least 20times. After that, carry out the first step in the opposite direction.

7. A Jean Placemat.

Using your Jean as a placemat on the dining table gives it additional beauty.

8. You can make a chair cover for your kid.

This is very useful for parents that find it difficult to store their kid's stationary in one place.

9. You can make Electronic gadget covers.

This is one of the easiest things you can make with your old jeans at home.

From the picture above, even an apprentice tailor can sow this covers.

10. You can make a denim rug.

You need just 6 to 7 pairs of your old and faded jeans to make it. With a little bit of patience, this Do It Yourself (DIY) work can be achieved.

Bonus Points: Other brilliant things that you can make with your old and faded jeans include;

✓ Denim Apron for kids.

✓ Denim crowns for kids.

✓ Teddy bears.

✓ Denim Pouf.

Thanks for reading.

What do you think about this post? Do you have any other creative thing that can be made from your old and faded jeans? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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