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How Aso-Oke Has Dominated The Fashion Industry Till Date

Its 2021, and Aso-oke still gives the flames and goosebumps it offered back in year 1998. Aso oke is a local hand woven attire, prevalently and to a great extent worn significantly by the Yoruba ethnic group. 


Dating back to the 90's Aso oke was worn among individuals of high status . You will perceive the affluent people by the costly and substantial looking Aso Oke they wore.

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Back then, it was used to make Agbada and sokoto (men outfit and pant) and dansiki by men, while ladies wear Iro and buba (top and covering) with Ipele and gele (head-tie).

Varieties Of ASO-OKE At Affordable Prices - Fashion - Nigeria

These people of those days will make them slobber over their lavishly hand woven Aso oke to be straightforward, they wear it with such a lot of pride and allure. 


In this present day and time It is as yet ruling the style business relentless. Such a lot of redesign has been made as far as quality and assortments of plans and the greatness of the fleece decreased.

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Truth be told you would now be able to make explicit tones you need, then, at that point, tell the weaver the specific tones and plan you need on your Aso Oke. Innovation has made the work simpler, presently with the assistance of weaver machine you can weave Aso Oke pieces, diminishing the time and Resources abs cycles or hand weaving. 

It is safe to say that Aso oke has come to remain for ever and ever.

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Agbada Aso Aso-oke Iro Yoruba


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