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Become Younger And Agile With "Sida" - The Miracle Plant You Need To Know About

Herb and root medicine are not new to the world and are as old as the universe. This traditional brand of health care has ontributed immensely to the general well-being of human generation, either directly or indirectly.

Also, wonderful "Sida" also known as Sida cordifolia is one of the most important plant in traditional medicine. It grows all years round and it possessed powerful anti-aging properties.

Other Names For Sida Cordifolia

Common name: Bala

English name: Flannel weed

Yoruba name: iso-obo

Part to be used: Whole parts

Benefits Of "Sida" The Flannel Weed

▪️Boost the immune system

▪️Improved the quality of the skin

▪️Promotes healthier heart

▪️Improve digestion and prevent the risk of lung cancer.

What do you need to prepare this medicine?

1. Collect handful leaves of flammed weed.

2. Get some ethiopian pepper.

3. Wash the above recipies thoroughly.

4. Then pound together with morter.

5. Fill a medium sized pot with clean water and add the pounded recipies.

6. Allow to boil for 20-30 minutes.

7. Sieve the content and store it juices in a safe plastic bottle.

Usages of the anti aging medicine

Take a glasscup of the solution in the morning and at night for 2-3 weeks.

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