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Pictures: Meet The 5 Best-Dressed Presidents In Africa

Africa is a beautiful continent filled with good and amazing people and also rich in abundance with natural resources. It is a place where almost everything good is found. From wild life to foods, from natural resources to oil, from great climates to beautiful and happy people.

52 countries form the continent of Africa. This means that, there are 52 head of states or president in the natural resource gifted continent. These individuals are tasked everyday with the mantle of leadership, to guide, direct and make policies which would be beneficial to the people of Africa directly or indirectly.

As these amazing presidents take the business of governance serious, so do they take their fashion style too. How they present themselves to the public and what they choose to wear is fabulous. Their intrinsic fashion style glows evidently in their mode of appearance. One can easily describe them as the most fashionable African presidents or just fashionistas.

From Rwanda to the West African country of Nigeria, from Swaziland to the historic nation of Liberia and Morocco, the country at the horn of Africa, here are they 5 best dressed presidents in Africa.

1. The President Of Rwanda - Paul Kagame

Looking good is a serious business, the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame understands this to the highest. Paul Kagame easily fits in as Africa's best dressed president. His style can be described as simple, casual and contemporary.

2. The President Of Nigeria - Mohammadu Buhari

The president of Nigeria is a supremo in fashion. Majorly on Nigerian fabrics, president Mohammadu Buhari sits comfortably as one of the best dressed president in Africa. His style oozes confidence, swagger and respect.

3. Monarch Of Morocco – Mohammed VI, King of Morocco (1999- Till Date)

Contemporary designs are the taste of the monarch of Morocco. He stands tall when it comes to the serious business of looking good. Good looking designer suits are obviously his style.

4. The President Of Liberia - George Weah

Former African football legend, and the only African player to have won the Ballon D'or has an amazing fashion style. The president of Liberia, George Weah likes to keep it simple with a touches of suit and tie to traditional attires as his preferred fashion appeal.

5. King Of Swaziland - Mswati lll

The king of Swaziland is a real representer of all kinds of fashion attires. A true African king, his fashion perspective is channeled towards what is more suited to wear for any moment. Amazingly, the king of Swaziland slays effortlessly in them. He represents the multicultural side of Africans.

Between these African presidents and heads of states, who do you think is the best dressed in Africa.

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