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10 Things that makes 2010 different from 2020 in terms of trending things.

2010 - 2020. That is a space of 10 years. I have compiled a list of things that makes shows that a lot of things and trends have come and pass away. Enjoy.

1: Square tipped fingernails:

In 2010 square tipped fingernails was a trending stuff that everyone had including celebrities. But 2020 ladies want a more sharper and longer fingernail.

2: Playboy belly rings and phone charms:

Belly rings and phone charms was a trending thing among women but I don't think it even lasted till 2015 as it faded out way more quicker than everyone expected.

3: Making thumb holes in your long sleeve shirt:

This was a trend as every teenager you see will have this but it is not really popular now tho' it is still in used and produced by a factories instead of making the holes ourselves. I also had one then. "Grins".

4: Being famous on my space, 2go and Mobofree:

Back then being famous on my space, 2go and Mobofree was really cool especially 2go but nowadays everyone fancies being famous on Instagram and the likes of 2gonis out of fashion.

5: Shaving your eyebrows:

In 2010 shaving your eyebrows was very cool and keeping a bushy eyebrow was uncool but now I think we would rather keep our eyebrow than cut them except maybe we cut a thin straight line across it.

6:Changing language settings of someone's phone to another language as a prank:

I still remember back then we will change language settings of someone's phone to another language and laugh at him well he has a hell of a time trying to set it back to English. It was a very popular prank because back then mobile phones were new and strange.

7: Women sagging :

Women sagging is a trend that started in 2006 but died out close to the end of 2010.

8: Low quality selfies using digital cameras: Back in 2010 we took selfies using digital cameras which was very poor but we still loved it because there was nothing better back then but now better cameras on smart phones have taken over.

9: Flip phones especially Nokia and Motorolla:

In 2010 flip phones were very popular and actually like iPhones. I can still remember going over to my neighbours house and play Gangstar on his phone till night and come back to receive my strokes.

10: Concealing your lips:

In 2010 I can still remember seeing a lot of young ladies back then concealing their lips with a kind of skin colour lipstick. My aunty is a living example.

What was your favourite and which one did you do most? If I have missed anything out feel free add yours in the comment section.

Please follow for more interesting news. God bless.

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