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How To Style Blazer Jackets In 5 Different Ways

Blazer jackets are currently trending in the fashion industry and they’re quite stunning. This article will highlight different methods of styling blazer jackets for women.

1 Normally, blazers are worn alongside trousers, dresses or skirts but that is not the case here. This first picture is a clear evidence that blazers can be worn as a dress. The turtle neck top which was worn here made the entire outfit look really classy. You can choose to wear a pair of boots or some heels in order to compliment your look.

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2 Leather blazer jackets are not very common but they fashionable all the same. Pairing a leather blazer jacket with a denim trouser will give you a stunning effect. This outfit looks simple yet it can’t be categorized as a basic one. The boots compliments the leather jacket and the entire outfit looks amazing.

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3 Wool jackets hardly go out of fashion and this blazer jacket looks perfect with the leather skirt. The color combination is simple yet classy, which makes the entire outfit look effortless and fashionable. This outfit can be worn to semi formal events like fashion shows.

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4 Turtle necks tops have the ability to make a simple outfit look classy and that is the same case here. Pairing this brown blazer jacket with a white turtle neck top made this outfit look expensive and classy. The ripped jean trousers gives the outfit a more relaxed look that is absolutely gorgeous.

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5 This outfit right here proves that blazer jackets have a versatile nature. The black blazer jacket which was worn here blends perfectly with this all black outfit. Even though a crop top was worn with the trousers from this outfit, the blazer jacket still blends in. If you have a cocktail party to attend, then this outfit is the perfect choice for you.

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