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6 Must Have Mobile Apps for Fashion Designers around the Globe

If you are a fashion designer,professional or still a beginner, this article is dedicated to you. In the days before the progressing Computer age,Fashion designers put down their creative ideas manually. Nowadays,lot of our fashion icons and companies make use of the mobile apps,WHY?. These mobile apps give a fashion business the opportunity to show case their designs to billions of people connected to that app which will also draw patronizers closer. Social media apps and Fashion designing goes hand in hand nowadays,because it connects various designers together to share ideas,commend and inspire each other. Fashion Designing Industry could be competitive but it shouldn't be because the palazzo design today that's is on high demand could be less demanded if a more creative design was to be brought out. Fashion sits in the middle of a huge round table,your creative styles could be the boom this minute and then in the next it's not till there's another renovation to that creative idea. So let's get to the Apps that help fashion designers get through.

The first on this list


Instagram social media which is popularly known as IG has currently become a sales channels for all Fashion brand over time. This social media has over millions of highly rated fashion brands,icons and figures accounts being registered. The Instagram provides lots of inspirations for fashion enthusiast and fashion brands around the globe. Fashion designers and brands can be able to connect by following each other pages and by doing this,one can get updates about the activities done by the fashion designer. Instagram has a website and an app,both are free to use. You just need data to access them,apart from that there are no more extra charges.

The next on my list is 


This social media promotes fashion brands,it's also allow you to pin your interest from fashion ideas posted by different fashion brands across the Globe,you can create your own board on your account and keep compiling them in order of your choice. It's free to access too,no added charges apart from usage of your mobile data.


Adode illustrator app posses a very good pattern making tool that makes it easy for designers to create custom repeating patterns illustrations and use them also in flats patterns to mock up designs. This tool allows designers around the globe to customise to the sizes of their choice, colours and directions of the pattern to easily see how it will look in a variety of options. It's a vector graphics editor that can cover all areas of designing from sketching to pattern making to logo creation.

The next is


This app fulfills every fashion designer color need,it posses color variations. These apps posses formats that provides the greatest color utility, making it easy for designers round the globe to find the color they desire. So download any pantone app today to explore more on colors for your brand.

The next one is 


The slack app helps in integration with thousands of tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and numerous other applications. It access almost everything from one platform. Companies like Urban Outfitters and so many others that wasn't listed here are benefiting from Slack and because of this they are being able to make decisions quickly.

The last on this list is


This app is a little bit similar to Adobe illustrator, the reason I used "a little bit" is because sketches app is more cognitive,fast than Adobe illustrator. Sketches comes with lots of plugins than Adobe illustrator.

So that's all for my list.

If you have discovered other applications that would be of benefit to fashion designers,do leave your comments below.

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