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Outfit Ideas For Breastfeeding moms

Knowing what to wear is an important part of breastfeeding successfully. No matter where you are on your fashion journey, we hope that our suggestions will help you look and feel your absolute best.

Look at our recommendations for what to wear while nursing.

First, you should dress appropriately by donning a nursing bra or tank.

You can't start building a nursing wardrobe without a supportive nursing bra or tank. Even though you can choose to lose support from your bra faster by flipping it up or pulling it aside, that is still an option. There are special clips, snaps, or hooks on nursing bras and tanks that allow a section of fabric to fold down without disturbing the bra's support structures.

Put on a tank top as a base layer.

When opening, lifting, pulling aside, or unbuttoning your shirt or dress, a tank top will help you feel more covered. Pick a tank top that has roomy arm holes or a low neckline so you can easily push it aside or pull it down as needed. Lifting or unbuttoning your top layer only reveals your midsection and half of your neckline, so you can feel more comfortable.

Pick shirts with buttons.

Breastfeeding-friendly clothing is all about convenience. Shirts with buttons down the front allow you to quickly expose your midsection when necessary. When you leave the bottom buttons undone, you'll feel more at ease and be less likely to reveal personal information without meaning to. The ease with which button-downs can be dressed up or made to look professional makes them an excellent option for working mothers.

Consider donning a wrap dress.

Wrap dresses are a nursing mother's best friend, whether she needs an outfit for the office or a night out. Most dresses, especially those that zip in the back, are not practical to wear while nursing, but a wrap dress is the perfect solution to this problem. Simply drape one piece of fabric over the other in a crisscross pattern, and you'll have no trouble at all getting your little one to the goods while still looking fabulous.

Wear a T-shirt with a scoop or V-neck instead.

T-shirts are the go-to for effortless style and all-day comfort. If you go with a shirt that has a higher neckline, you can simply pull it down and expose your breast to the infant. Choose a shirt with polyester or lycra blended in if you're concerned about stretching the neck too much.

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