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The Most Beautiful Ankara Dress is the One Which is Decent

The most beautiful dress is the one which is decent, because of the following reasons:

Dress beautifies human being man or woman. It differentiates him/her from animal. It makes him/her respectful in the eyes of other people. Religiously, man is enjoined to cover his private parts with garment. Decent dress protects man or woman from being harassed or abused by others.

It is unfair for one to appear in indecent dress, because, your dress tells others whom you are. As a human being you are role model to some people whether you are aware or not.

Women must cover their body when they leave their home with a garment that fulfills the following condition:

1-   It must cover her entire body

2-   It must not become a source of attraction and decoration in itself

3-   It must be thick and not transparent

4-   It must be loose fitting not tight

5-   It must not be perfumed

6-   It must not resemble men’s clothing

7-   It must not resemble the clothing of the disbelievers

8-   It must not be a dress of extravagant and show off.   

We should always dress decently to protect and preserve our natural beauty and to be respectful in the eyes of others and to please our God by obeying His command for decency. 

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