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Opinion:Slim Ladies Are Far Better Than The Curvy Ones, See Reasons

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In Nigeria making a choice of the best lady to marry or date is actually the problem faced by some men, due to the fact that some guys don't really have a good eye is choosing and selecting the perfect woman for marriage or relationship.

Over the years some guys believe that having a curvy lady as a wife or girlfriend is actually the best but they are all getting it wrong, curvy ladies are though attractive but not as attractive as the slim ladies because slim ladies are free and fit into any style of fashion they choose to due to their attractive body structure.

In this article I will be highlighting you all on some factual reasons why slim ladies are better than the curvy ones. Make sure you enjoy yourself while scrolling through this article.

1.Firstly slim girls are mostly used and good in modeling and fashion due to their light body shape and attractive body structure.

In the above photos you can see some slim ladies who look better on certain outfits than the curvy ones.

2.Slim ladies have a good structure when dancing because of their light body which makes them more flexible and free when dancing.

3. Slim ladies who go into pageantry especially against the curvy ones normally win due to the type of body structure given to them by God.

Below are some photos to compare between the curvy ladies and the slim ones.

In the above photos you can see the difference between the curvy ladies and the slim was clearly spotted out.

Although curvy girls are also cool to have as a wife or a girl friend but not like the slim ones, although some men even prefer slim and attractive ladies to the curvy ones.

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Content created and supplied by: Manenotty (via Opera News )

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