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How To Style A Durag

A durag is an accessory that is worn on the head to keep the hair clean and looking new however fashion lovers have turned it into a fashion statement and now it is used as an accessory to complement one's look on casual outfits. 

How to Wear a Durag: The Complete Style Guide | Fashion Gone Rogue

Presently a durag is definitely not a costly accessory since a simple garment can be used. One thing is claiming or having a durag yet the main thing is having the chance to style it or being proficient on what to wear with it. 

This leads us to the DONTs of Durags

1: Do not wear a durag to a conventional excursion: Now durags are exclusively implied for casual trips like birthday events, seashore parties, clubs, casual trips, going for a stroll in the city, or even utilized as dozing headwear to keep hair dampness flawless. Try not to wear durags to trips like office work, official conferences, official meetings, and so forth It sometimes falls short for such occasions. 

Velvet durag – Sapphire Cotele Beauty Shop

2: Wearing a durag with an outfit: Personally I feel durags kill better with pants, pullovers, shirts, shorts, and so forth however with an outfit! I just can't envision how it will look like. 

3: Avoid wearing a Surat with true garments: Clothes, for example, suits shouldn't be worn with a durag. A durag, as I said prior is best worn with casual outfits and not official garments. 

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