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10 Fashion Mistakes You Make With Your Dress And How To Correct Them

Nowadays there are adverts of different clothes deigns and dress styles that is has become difficult for individuals to keep track of the latest fashion trend and stick to the new trend without compromising themselves and their appearance. 

Due to ignorance, some people make silly mistakes with their dress and end up messing up their whole fashion style and might even end up making a bad impression on the people they were initially trying to impress. 

While it might be permissible and socially approved to wear socks while wearing a blazer, you might just look like a bad egg if you wear socks, especially patterned ones when you wear on a tuxedo to a ball or fundraiser, believe me, you'd regret that. In same effect, some Nigerian traditional clothes require some simple hacks that could come in handy should you be in dire need of them sometimes soon. 

It is nothing to be ashamed of really, because even the most civilised people search for 'How to knot aTie' on YouTube, because they want to stay updated with the latest fashion styles and not make a mess like the ignorant person described above. 

Therefore, here are 10 of the most common fashion mistakes made that could ruin your fashion and possible corrections that could be made to these mistakes. 

1. Wrong Blazer Length 

If you are in the habit of allowing your Blazer to be too long or too short, then you have been killing the vibe, because a Blazer should never be too long or short, but of an exact left on your body, consider this correction when next you go shopping for one. 

2. Messy And Branded T-Shirts 

Yes, you tend to mess up your fashion when you wear messy T-shirts, specifically those that are branded with meaningless expressions or logos. It is okay if you were going to your work place in your customized T-shirt, everyone would understand the situation then, but ensure that you do not wear branded T-shirts to important places or too frequently. 

3. Wrong Underwear Effect 

Do not allow your underwear to be visible beneath your clothes. Buy underwear that are of average sizes and which will not make itself known when you were clothes over it. 

4. Stop Buying Ill-fitted Clothes 

Some people are in the habit of buying extra-large clothes, with the belief that their body will experience a change and thereby allow the clothes to be of perfect fit in the future. This just cramps your style, don't buy Ill-fitted clothes that will not size you, buy smart clothes and dispose them off when they no longer fit you. 

5. Wearing Extravagant Accessories 

When you are done with your adornments and accessories, you don't have to look like a broken jewel store. You should use only necessary accessories like wristwatches, rings, necklaces and earrings with your dress in order to look more fashionable.

6. Appearing As A Rainbow

When you have several clothes, or you have blogger with several colors, there will probably be the urge to wear all th3se colors at once in order to make an impression, but you are wrong on this. Wearing mixed colours makes your fashion soiled and you should stick to a particular color close rather than turn into a human rainbow. 

7. Wrong Use Of Shoe and Sneakers 

When you wear suits, don't wear sneakers and when you wear sneakers don't wear suits. This is because suits are formal dresses, while sneakers are not, it is only fashionable when you wear shoes with your suits. 

8. Tucking In Your Shirts 

When you wear T-shirts, unless it is made compulsory, you should not tuck in your shirt under your trouser, since we are no longer in the 18th century when every dress must be tucked in. 

9. Sandals and Socks 

When younger sandals and socks at the same time, it might look good to you, but you should stop doing that because sandals are not meant to b worn with socks and his is mistake that is made with fashion this days. Correct this by wearing your sandals without the inclusion of any socks be it several-colored or monochrome.

10. Error Is Body Size Clothings

When you wear things that are bigger than you, it makes you look older than you should and this is why you should take note of the sizes of your clothing. You should wear a Tie that suits your body type, not one that is overly big or small for you. 

Thank you for reading, Best regards from Optimumwoleh 

Content created and supplied by: OptimumWoleh (via Opera News )

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