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Learn How to Make Stretch Marks and Eczema Cream At Home

How to Make Creams That Get Rid Of Stretch Marks and Eczema At Home

Body Stretch marks and skin eczemas have always been two of the problematic skin conditions many people cope with. Nonetheless many stockpile creams claimed to have gain the upper hand over these two conditions, people usually results to bleach which even makes the affected area rather worse.

Follow these simple steps to brand your own health care or treatment cream for these conditions by making a record (list) of the ingredients and head to a nearby cosmetic store to get the needed raw materials and mix them together. 

Body Stretch Mark Lotion Recipe


1. One teaspoon apricot kernel oil

2. One teaspoon vitamin E oil (or borage oil)

3. 1/4 cup cocoa butter

4. Two teaspoon grated beeswax

Melt the ingredients together, in a common double-boiler until completely liquefied, blending together thoroughly, set to cool to about medium temperature (lukewarm) then transfer into glass jar and cover.

Psoriasis or Rash Eczema Cream Lotion Recipe


1. One tsp bees-wax

2. Ten drops German Chamomile

3. Ten drops Lavender Oil

4. Ten drops vitamin E oil (or borage oil)

5. Two oz Shea Butter

6. Two tsp Sweet Almond Oil

Melt ingredients mutually (together) by melting in a double-boiler and blending thoroughly. Allow the mixture to cool to about lukewarm temperature then add the essential oils if you wish to or as desired. Let everything cool completely and pour out into your choice of container.

Simple, Your Stretch Marks and Eczema Cream is ready. Apply twice a day (that is in the morning and evening) to the affected area and watch your stretch marks or Eczema Rach fade away.

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