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15 Common Mistakes We Make When Laundering Clothes

To maintain your clothes spotless and lovely, the first thing you need do is learn how to wash them properly.

This post will advise you of the most prevalent faults that can lead your favorite garments to be ruined.

1. Sorting was done incorrectly. You should think about the cloth kind as well as the color. Polar fleece clothing, for example, should be washed separately. You should also avoid mixing towels with synthetic fibers.

2. Incorrectly removing stains. If you're used to scrubbing stains hard, a fresh hole won't surprise you. They should be carefully rinsed away. The best technique to avoid holes is to place a piece of white fabric over the stain and soak it.

3. Using an excessive amount of washing powder. This might result in an excessive amount of foam, which can accumulate dirt in areas like the collar of a shirt. This will only make the garments dirtier, which isn't what you want, is it?

4. Ignoring the presence of zippers. They should be properly zipped before washing the garment because zipper teeth can easily ruin other garments.

5. Putting on and taking off buttons. Always remember to unbutton your shirts. If you don't, the buttons will come undone, leaving the clothing ugly.

6. Using an excessive amount of bleach. Bleach degrades materials, making them more prone to tearing, which is why you should consider boiling the wash instead. You can accomplish this by putting two drops of lemon juice in a big saucepan.

7. Using a washing machine to clean swimsuits. Swimming suits, racing briefs, and other spandex or elastane-based clothing should never be laundered in the washing machine. Hand-washing them in cool water is the proper method.

8. Allowing time for the washing machine to 'rest.' Some people favor this method because they believe that running multiple washing cycles in a row will cause the machine to break down. That, however, is incorrect.

When you operate the washing machine without stopping, you save money on electricity because the washer utilises the heat that was left over from the previous cycle.

9. Pillows and blankets should only be washed once. Run two cycles in a succession if washing feather pillows and blankets in the washing machine: feathers can hold foam, so the soap may linger within the pillows.

10. Washing clothes without sorting them out. Finding matching socks is one of the most time-consuming activities after washing clothes. Why don't you start with washing your socks? We are confident that you will be pleased with the outcome.

11. Towels that have been softened with fabric softeners. Because these chemical compounds impair the absorbency of fabrics, they should not be used for towels.

12. Doing too much laundry at once. It is not a good idea to overburden the washing machine because this can cause it to break down.

13. Washing anoraks and windbreakers incorrectly. Put three tennis balls in the washer to keep the down from losing its structure. They will also assist you in removing the foam.

14. Using high-priced liquids and powders for laundry. Many of the detergents we use can be replaced with inexpensive household items: salt brightens garments and chalk removes stains. Stains are bleached and washed away using laundry soap. Lemon juice can be used to soften and fragrance clothing.

15. Ignorance of the washing machine. It is critical to maintain your washing machine. Keep in mind that the box for washing powder is often moveable. You should pay careful attention to this area because detergent residue can be left behind.

After the cycle is over, do not close the washer to allow it to dry. Run a cleaning cycle with hot water and vinegar once a year. This will assist your washing machine stay in good working order.

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