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Skin Care

How to take care of all the different skin types and get the best out of your skin

How to care for Dry Skin

Fragrance -- Free moisturizers

Dry skin needs enough moisture so applying moisturizer is the best way to make your skin look and stay healthy all day 

When you shower--- don't over wash your skin as this tends to make ur skin loose moisture instead and it can lead to dermatitis

Avoid hot water rather use ordinary water to shower 

Oily Skin

Oil free moisturizers

the following ingredients to look out for when buying oil- free moisturizers are important 

1. Benzoylperoxide 

2. Glycolic acid --- used in skincare treatment as an exfoliant

3. Salicylic acid -- used medicinally as a skincare exfoliant also 

Those helps in controlling excessive oil secretion and also prevent acne breakout.

However, you have to cleanse both at night and in the day before you apply the oil-free moisturizers

Combination Skin

Fragrance-free Facial wash is your best 

Completely avoid soaps with harsh chemicals

Your diet should contain essential fatty acids,Fish, Walnut and Fish oil supplement

Following this steps will give your skin enough moisture without adding oil to it 

Normal Skin

Applying any good moisturizers on your skin is just okay .

Note ::: you don't have to do much 

Best skin😉😜😜

Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin

Caring for this skin type are similar

Using a gentle face wash and totally avoiding products especially soap with too much chemical will help prevent irritation that may occur 

Using gentle moisturizers is also important

When applying product use a small amount behind ur ear or the side of your ur eyes is better first so u can track its outcome overnight to know whether it is okay to use on your face or not.

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