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2 Of The Most Unusual Celebrity Plastic Surgery Cases

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Photo Credit: Google

So what exactly drove this wealthy woman to spend over $4 million on cosmetic surgery? It all started in the 70s when she caught her wealthy art dealer husband in bed with a 21-year-old Russian model. Most women would have just filed for divorce and taken half his money or more. But Jocelyn instead opted to go under the knife to win back the love of her cheating husband but to no avail, he still left her anyways. A look at her before and after photos shows how fresh-faced and attractive Jocelyn is, but now she's permanently scared all because of an unfaithful man.

2. Hang Mioku

Photo Credit: Google

Hang Mioku was a South Korean model who developed a plastic surgery addiction. She had such extensive work done to her face that plastic surgeons refused to do any further work on her. One surgeon even suggested that she has a psychological disorder since she couldn't find a plastic surgeon that would feed her addiction. She then decided to take matters into her hands by injecting sunflower cooking oil into her own face. Hang's face began to swell and swell until it became grotesquely enlarged. Even after doctors treated her and removed the foreign substance from her face, she still remains horribly disfigured. She's the most famous victim and tragic case of plastic surgery addiction; her before and after photos make this claim very hard to refute.

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