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Three things you shouldn't do at night

Hi am Catherine. Now these are things we shouldn't do at night.

Three things you shouldn't do at night

There are things we do at night that slowly affects us without our knowledge. These things that we feel do not matter and think it's alright are actually things that can harm us.

Eating heavy food at night. At night, it's advisable to take light meals no matter how hungry we may seem.The food we take during the day is and should be different from our night meals or dinner. During the day we take heavy food to give us strength for the days activities but at night we only need to rest rather than stuff ourselves with food which will cause indigestion and can even make someone purge. To enjoy our night rest or sleep it's advisable to take meals that won't make us feel heavy at night even though majority won't take this seriously. To avoid spending money on Tommy drugs I think it's worth having in mind.

Wearing thick clothes at night

we all have our various clothes that we wear to various occasions. We have those we wear at home to chill and rest. Now at night it's best we wear light clothes rather than thick...why is that? .. because thick clothes generate heat. It can only be worn in terms of cold night to prevent one from falling ill. But on a normal worm night thick clothes shouldn't be wornbecause it makes one sweat at night which if experienced frequently can lead to skin rash....and you know what that means.... buying different skin creams to treat it...what a waste right?..

Therefore to avoid any of this it is advisable to wear light clothes or pejamas while sleeping or at nightpejamas comes in many sizes and so no matter your age or size you can always find something to suit youand remember that prevention is better than cure.....

Working late at night

You may be wondering how this is dangerous. Well we all know that the normal sleeping hour is 8hrs but sometimes we sleep for 5hrs and less. Some business men and women

stay up at night working with their systems (laptops etc), even teachers stay up all night preparing lecture notes and results. As much as what we do is important to us, we should also consider it's effect on our health....Staying up all night shouldn't be a habitual act. It should not become a normal thing to do because it's slowly damages the pituituay gland. It also causes eye bags which most ladies see as a defect and use excess makeup to cover it...and we all know the effect of too much as much as our work is important to us, we Should also consider our health and rest our body as required once in a while if you are the busy typealso ultraviolet Ray's are emitted through our screens and can damage one's sight also causes skin disease like cancer.

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