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Armpit Hair: Here Are The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

There are some aspects of personal hygiene that people don't like to talk about because it borders on shame. 

In Africa, modesty still exists at a certain level where you must always pay attention to what you say and do, so as not to disturb the other.

The armpits are a very special part of the human body. It is necessary to know why it is necessary to keep the hairs which are there or to shave them. 

When the man or the woman reaches the age of puberty, it happens that hairs grow in the armpits, ie the lower part of the shoulder.

Indeed, several magazines including " the women's journal " claim that body temperature is kept stable thanks to armpit hair. 

Also, the bristles allow air to circulate easily and prevent sweat from flowing. For people who sweat a lot, shaving their armpits is not a very good idea.

On the other hand, armpit hair becomes a problem for people who do not have a very good body odor because, they retain the smell of sweat as long as the man goes without taking a bath. There are times when armpit odors remain after a bath if certain parts of the body are not washed very well.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. While it is true that hairs grow naturally on the human body, certain measures must be taken so that they do not become harmful. Please share.

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