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Skin Lightening Powders That Would Never Work In Your Black Soap

Skin Lightening Powders That Would Never Work In Your Black Soap.

Black Soap as we all know is an amazing black soap that has a great positive effect on the skin as it helps to cure many skin problems like acne, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis etc as it contains natural ingredients.

The truth of the matter is that it takes professionals into Nature Skincare to know the right powders and oils to add to the black soap in order for it to work effectively without causing any skin damage.

People tends to abuse black soap nowadays because they are so many DIY "DO IT YOURSELF" recipes flying all over social medias. And most of this DIY contains harmful ingredients and powders which shouldn't be included in the black soap.

So, as a professional Natural Skincare, below are skin lightening powders that shouldn't be added to black soap because these powders has their functionality and they're stable at different pH Levels.

Herbal soap has a pH between 9-11.9 even above sometimes which is very alkaline. After production the pH usually comes down to 7.0-8.5 depending. So any powder you're adding shouldn't exceed this pH in order to avoid skin inflammation.

1. Alpha Arbutin (3.5-6.6)

Alpha Arbutin at the pH of 3-6 means that it will be really unstable and it won't do anything on the black soap. It will only decompose to hydroqunion because hydroqunion can also be gotten from Alpha or Beta Arbutin which is a derivative of hydroqunion. So no need adding it to your black soap because it's a waste of money.

2. Symwhite (pH of 4-5)

It's very slow in action so it's preferable to be use in body lotion or serum.

3. Vitamin B (pH 6)

Using this below the pH of 6 can cause skin irritation on your skin.

4. Vitamin A powder or oil

This is always better to use Botanicals in your black soap as that will really help in cleansing the skin without drying it out.

Thank you for reading.. Kindly share so that others can read and learn too.

Content created and supplied by: IfeyinwaAdiva (via Opera News )

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