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Different Colours of Agbada Outfit Rocked By Emoney That May Inspire Men Who Love Fashion (Photos)

Popular Nigerian Business man, Emeka Okonkwo also known as E-money is a fashionista who has great sense of fashion, and also rock nice sewn wears that perfects his skin tone.

Majority of E-money's outfits can serve as inspiration to men who love rocking sewn attires, which in this fashion update we will be looking at different colours of Agbada styles of E-money, and how he inspired us.


We all know that Agbada is Yoruba type of outfit, but it's currently rock by high class men. Such outfit is among the trendy in the fashion world, and the uniqueness of such outfit come from the sweet and classy design given by the designer.

The above classy Agbada worn by the Nigerian popular business has a sweet sewn, which made him look captivating to sight. One good thing every fashionista needs to note when picking outfit, is the colour, which should suit his skin.

Looking at the above photo, you will see how the colour suits the wearer, thereby making him look outstanding. The outfit also has a two matching colour, which merged well and also compliment the wearer's skin tone.

Also the yellow design on the outfit, also has a unique role. Also the best type of cap to wear for such is a same colour cap with the attire, which the wearer did to look good. This is a great fashion inspiration to lovers of Agbada.

Another sweet and uniqueness of the above sewing, is the two mixing of lemon green and black. Every fashionistas should know that the merging of green and black is a sweet match which offer it's wearer a bright look.

Also the two colour matched his skin tone, and he wore a black cap which matched his black footwear.

Let's also see another sweet and matured colour, and what I love most is the way it suits his skin tone, by making his appearance to be brightened. Also the footwear has a matching colour with his outfit.

Also I love the design on the upper part of his outfit. We all know that good designs also make you look great as the wearer. This is another Agbada inspiration for fashion lovers.

All white is another sweet colour which every fashionista should have. The black and white mixing is another best part to enjoy. The black colour cap and footwear, help to make appearance more matured.

Such appearance is perfect for any outdoor events like friends hangout, a wedding ceremony, and even Sunday Church Service.

The above is a blue and white mixing. We all know that blue and white colour and good friends, as the are part of the secondary colours. This two colours matches perfectly and also suits different skin tone.

The touch of white on his dress, was made like a design white added more value on his outfit. He also did good to his appearance by wearing it with a white cap and a white footwear.

Every blue colour lover, should gain new fashion idea from the above sewing, as the wearer rock the blue Agbada perfectly with a touch of red.

The red colour perfects his blue Agbada well, and offered him a glowing appearance. I also love and admire the style on his cap, which made the wearer look more good and responsible to sights. The above sewing is perfect for both single and married men who value good looks.

Photo Credit: Instagram / iam_emony1.

Content created and supplied by: TwinkleBeautyBlog (via Opera News )

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