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Igbo or Yoruba; Which Tribe Has The Most Beautiful Women

Like we all know, there has always been an argument on which tribe have more beautiful women. But this time around, i'm actually talking about the Yoruba and Igbo tribe. Let's talk about both's dressing culture and view some pictures, maybe that might give us a hint on which tribe is more beautiful.

Yoruba Dressing Culture

Yoruba women wear Buba (top) and Iro (wrapper) with a matching gele (head gear). During an occasion, Yoruba women usually add Iborun (shawl) on their shoulders. They wear waist beads called Ileke made from small pieces of glass, nuts, woods and metal which are pierced together.

They wear this beads because they believe it attracts suitable suitors for those who are ripe for marriage. Most Yoruba women do have tribal marks as a sign of identification meanwhile making them also beautiful.

They plait their in different attractive styles, though nowadays the use of wig and attachment is common. But inspite this, they look more beautiful than ever. See some pictures of beautiful Yoruba women below.

Igbo Dressing Culture

Igbo women usually wear an elegant blouse with pretty puffed sleeves and embroidery on clothing (many blouses are made of wax and guipure materials), wrapper and scarf on the head (gele).

They celebrated their feast in ekwerike clothing which they tied thick fabric around their waist. Some others prefer painting their bodies with ufle, nzu, edo, uri and other colored ornaments (instead of wearing clothing) and decorating their waist with bead accessories just like the Yoruba women.

Till date, Igbo women love wearing necklaces, beads and pretty ornaments with their traditional and modern attires. They still make use of coral-coloured beads which is a particular element of the Igbo traditional attire.

Mothers and ladies in Igbo tribe like to wear additional wrapper (using 2 instead of 1) which is usually made in Hollandis materials. See beautiful pictures of Igbo women below.

With all this pictures and the dressing culture of these tribes which of them do you think has the most beautiful women? You can drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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