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Categories Of Outfits For Plus-sized Ladies

It is not enough to select any of the latest Ankara styles without really considering if it will look good on your body type or not. For example, if you’re a plus-sized woman, you have to make sure the style you want to either sew or buy fits into the trendy Ankara styles for ladies with big tummies. If you do otherwise, you end up looking unattractive despite how beautiful the outfit is.


Our major focus would be on Ankara outfits because they are generally accepted and loved by so many women.

And to make it very easy, we’ve gathered the latest Ankara styles for ladies who have a big tummy. This way, you don’t only promote the African way of dressing, you also do it fashionably.


The first category of clothing for ladies with big tummies is the shift dress.

These particular types of dresses for women don’t usually have an explicitly defined waistline. They just stay on your body and don’t hug your body. This makes them very suitable for concealing a bulging belly.

Furthermore, they are always very short or at mid-thigh length. And they are mostly worn during informal occasions.

2. the peplum

You can combine a peplum with your skirt, top, or even a sleeveless gown. They are usually free on the waist line there, making it impossible for the tummy to be revealed.

3. Wrap Dress:

Because this particular ankara style has a front closure created by wrapping one side across the other, it is recommended for ladies with belly fat. They can be sewn with any type of material, not only Ankara fabrics. Furthermore, it provides a lot of comfort and is a good option for displaying your curves.

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