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Nigerian Beads To Spice Up Your Native Wears And Reasons Why We Wear Beads

Beads are very important jewellery, so many Nigerian ladies wear them mostly when dressed in traditional or native attire. They are a form of decorative accessories that are usually worn for the purpose of having a very beautiful appearance. However, some beads also serve as a form of protection, while others can be a sign of royalty. They give an African woman’s native outfit that detailed look of completion and elegance. Furthermore, beads aren’t made for women alone; men also wear them, although not as commonly and frequently as women. So if you are a man reading this article, there are still beads made to spice up your native wear too.

Nigerian beads also make a woman stand out during her traditional marriage ceremony, which takes place in the village. A lot of ladies combine their traditional attire with beads for different weddings and other events that mostly require native outfits. In addition to this, beads also go well with our locally made African fabrics such as Ankara, cotton, Aso Oke, lace etc. for both African men and women. To get inspired and informed on the right beads to spice up your native attire, please keep reading as this article will do justice to that.


Here are some types of beads that would spice up your native wear:

Just like other accessories, beads usually come in several forms. For example, they can be in the form of either long or short necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings, bangles, anklets, waist beads, etc. You can also find them in a variety of shapes and colours.

Coral Beads:

This is one very popular bead we have here in Nigeria. Coral beads are usually made from red or white corals usually extracted from the Mediterranean sea. In some states in our dear country, Nigeria, these beads symbolise royalty and prestige.

The common colours you are most likely to see are red and bright pink. Since most of the time, coral beads are brought from countries like Italy and Singapore, they are quite costly to buy. They can be designed into earrings, bangles, and other types of jewelry.

They can equally be worn as a stylish piece of human hair. 

Beads for Seeds

These particular designs of beads are mainly to spice up your native outfit, and they are very small yet can be designed into different sizes and shapes. They can also take the form of a square, round or triangular shape. They can be worn on the waist.

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