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If you want your hair like this, follow these steps.

Hair waves as it is called has been a hairstyle for the black culture for a very long time. In the past people used to try to achieve it by relaxing their hair and adding large quantities of pomade to help hold in place but due to experience and studies the waves community is now based on getting the hair to wave in its natural form without adding any relaxer, texturing cream or any chemical products.

Tools that will be needed are..

1.Hair Brushes (boar bristles brushes are more preferable because they last long and help to improve the general health of the hair strands as they go through the hair ). The work of the brush is to pull the hair curls to stretch out and training it to lay flat on the scalp.

2.Any moisturizing cream of your choice is ok. It is to soften the hair when brushing to make it easier to brush and to also prevent breakage. The moisturizer will also help add moisture to the hair follicle.

3.Comb,this will be needed at a later stage when the hair is much. The comb will help lift the hair up before brushing.

4.Durag/wave cap. The durag or wave cap is to hold down the hair after every brush session to help it remember what the brush has trained it to do. It is also useful at night when going to bed.

5.Pomade or other creams. This is based on individual preference, but not very important.

The simple principle behind this process is to stretch out the natural curl of the hair by the brush to form a wavelike string and force or train it to lay flat on the scalp by covering with a cap or durag. For easy beginning follow these steps.

Get a low cut of not more than a 1.5 to 2 guard. Tell your barber not to cut it too low because without your hair reaching its curl length it can never wave up. Put a hot towel on the hair for like three minutes to make it soft, add your moisturizer or pomade if you like and start brushing from the crown (That is the spiral section at the center of the head or a little to the side for some people ) down to the hair line. Brush as long as you can and hold down with the cap for like 30 minutes after every brush session.

Continue to repeat the process every evening before going to bed and see how you coarse hair is transformed into waves of hair. Instead of using the hot water always, you can just spray some water on the hair just to make it damp for easy pull. Allow your hair to grow for like four weeks before you get it trimmed down to a 1.5 again. Remember that it won't happen overnight. Consistency, Patience and work is required.

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