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My Waist Bead Cut In Church Today And I Was Highly Disgraced - Mummy G O

Beauty is one thing every woman have chosen. However, what they do to showcase their beauty is totally different.

Some believe in the internal adornments, one that can only be seen by themselves of their husband. However, some go for the physical, which everyone can easily see once they're sighted. Makeup, bag, hairstyles, beautiful outfits and so many more are part of the physical adornments.

These beauty accessories are worn to different occasions, depending on how you would want to feel at the event.

A popular twitter lady known as Mummy G O has recently shared her ordeal in the church after her waist bead cut inside church.

She wore the waist bead to church but it mistakenly cut. According to her, nobody seem to mind but the pastor, who told her "Mummy G O e pele o" meaning, she should sorry.

This incident made her ashamed and she said that was the highest disgrace she has ever witnessed in her life.

In response to her tweet, one of her followers also narated her experience in church last week Sunday, when her zip spoilt and she wasn't aware, but was enjoying the cool air from the air conditioner.

Read her tweet below;

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Is it good for ladies to use waist beads, since nobody can see it?

What have you heard about ladies who use waist beads?

Kindly share your opinions in the comment section and don't forget to like and follow me for more gists.

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Mummy G O


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