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See These Ugly Tattoos That Cost Almost $1million

Good day viewers and reader, you are welcome to my super media.

Here and now, I would like to show you the world most expensive tattoo.

To me, I hate tattoos on even seeing it on someone else's skin. Pls oh it's my opinion I don't mean to hurt anyone.

Without any further delay, lets go straight to the matter that brought you hear.

The tattoo

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Okay now for the world most expensive tattoo, It was worn by a South African model and Shimansky brand ambassador Minki van der Westhuizen

Shimansky the tattoo artist, used a water based adhesive to affix the diamonds to the model physical body and the creation of this Tattoo lasted for more than eight hours. Eventually, the formula had to be dissolved off Westhuizen’s skin and yet it was still valued at 7.2 million South African rands ($924,000), this shimmering tattoo is the world’s most expensive tattoo.

Pictures of the Tattoo

Here are the pictures of the tattooWhat do you have to say about this?

Would you like to have this on your skin if you have the money?

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